Joseph Kohnke, Traces, 2014

Joseph Kohnke, Traces, 2014

Joseph Kohnke
Traces, 2014
hand-carved Jelutong wood, found objects in cast resin, two recorders, brass fittings, mechanics
each variation unique
Edition of 5, 2 APs
20 x 19 x 19 inches

  • Description

    Los Angeles-based artist Joseph Kohnke makes sculptural object like this one that give kinetic life to inanimate objects, while evoking a nostalgic and childlike sense of wonder regarding mechanization. He states, “I try to get the properties of everyday objects to ascend to the role of being a vehicle for a type of spiritual communication.” Traces takes the form of an elegant tabletop maquette of a refinery or processing plant, whose smokestacks are musical recorders. When the sculpture is switched on and the refinery chugs to life, motorized components activate the keys on the recorders, pushing air through the smokestacks to create a series of musical sounds.

  • Pick-Up Information:

    Purchased artwork can picked up from OCMA's temporary offices, located at 1661 West Sunflower Avenue, Santa Ana, 92704.  Contact for more information.