John Baldessari, Hand (On/With Hearts) With Winning Streak (Blue), 2010

John Baldessari, Hand (On/With Hearts) With Winning Streak (Blue), 2010

John Baldessari
Hand (On/ With Hearts) With Winning Streak (Blue), 2010        
Screenprint on Lana 640 gram paper with cut edge
Edition of 40
31-7/8  x 19-7/8 inches 
Printed by Gemini G.E.L.

  • Description

    The bold graphic imagery presented here, combined with this work’s playful title, are a prime example of John Baldessari’s interest in presenting uncannily combined references to popular media culture, art, language, and information. Baldessari was one of the most influential artists to have lived and worked in California. He was renowned for his work in photography and printmaking, which allowed him to incorporate his interest in the language of media culture and critical theory as visual elements. He often used a deadpan sense of humor to convey his astute criticality of the world and the ways in which art and visual culture operate within it.

  • Pick-Up Information:

    Purchased artwork can picked up by appotinment from OCMA's temporary offices, located at 1661 West Sunflower Avenue, Santa Ana, 92704. Contact for more information.